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Why should you get fire mitigation done for your property?

Get fire mitigation done for your property and safeguard you and your family from the damage of wild fires in your community. Get in touch with our experienced team at Higher Ground Fence Company for efficient services.

Fire mitigation is a preventive measure to protect your property in case of a wild fire. Mitigation involves removing fuels around your property and creating a defensible space where fuels and vegetation are cleared to reduce or slow the spread of fire. Give us a call on 719-588-3902 to know more.

Our services include

  • Brush mowing

  • Ladder fuels reduction

  • Fire mitigation

  • Light footprint rubber track equipment.

  • All chips stays on site for organic mulch.

  • Large material can be hauled off or processed down to firewood on site.

Keep your property safe

Our general contracting company will help you with fire mitigation services and will remove all the dead or fallen trees, remove ladder fuels and debris, thin areas with dense growth and remove trees that are close to your home.

Get in touch with us for reliable fire mitigation services.

Call us on 719-588-3902

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